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Larson Schluter

Writer, Director, and Creative Madman

Birthed from the University of Oregon with a BA in Advertising and Cinema Studies I've embarked on my journey AAANNNDDD that's enough of that, let's get to the important stuff.

Things I'm Rationally Afraid Of

Sharks, because who needs eight layers of teeth.

Snakes, because I just don't understand how they're so fast without legs.

Things I'm Irrationally Afraid Of

Overly spicy foods: I'm a medium salsa man at most.

Having food stuck in my teeth without knowledge of it.

Inventions Ideas ©​

Gingerbread waffle cones

Energy drink popsicles

Flowerpetal decorated coffee filters (so when you add the coffee it makes the center of the flower)

More About Me...

I'm just crazy about being creative. Anything that can be done the non-traditional way I think should be done. I'm a writer and strive to write a story in every genre possible. If I like what I've done, I'll usually write a song about it.

I'm experienced in production and post and want to influence the children of today so we can live a better tomorrow. I love deep and dark stories that show raw human emotion. Any big twist in a film is just sweet candy to me.

Collaboration is beautiful and I welcome anyone ideas that want to work with me. I love to storyboard and call myself a decent artist in most mediums.

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